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"I had been spending thousands of dollars on a dated in-house setup for years that was as inefficient as it was costly. Medikin helped me find a solution."
Samuel Goldmann, MD
New York

Medikin Online – A Complete Medical Transcription Solution

As experts in the technology of the medical transcription industry, it is our duty to know the industry and its players, inside out. By understanding the needs and concerns of medical providers, transcriptionists and the patients involved, Medikin has established itself as one of the most trusted players in the Transcription industry and has developed long-term relationships with hundreds of transcription clients worldwide. In order to build upon our past successes and fostered relationships, we now are able to offer only the highest quality medical transcription services to doctors, clinics and hospitals through established partnerships. Through the integration of our web-based Medikin Online workflow and document management system, with the services offered through these partnerships, Medikin is able to provide our customers finally with a complete transcription solution worthy of the Medikin name. Several features include:

  • Non-Technical and User Friendly application.
  • Complete Pay-as-you-go Web-based Service.
  • Works with all modes of dictation – Digital Recorder, Toll Free Dictation, In House Dictation System, Safety Net.
  • Secure and redundant platform with total HIPAA compliancy.
  • Personalized Account login ID and Password authentication for security purposes.
  • Completely Internet based, using any broadband Internet connection.
  • No capital investment required (hardware or software installation).
  • Easy integration with existing in house dictation/transcription systems eliminating any change in dictation or transcription style. Clinic Manager is given full control and authority over all the doctor, MT and QA (editor) accounts regarding their flow through the system.
  • Easy integration with your existing MT Vendor’s platform. Medikin Online delivers your dictations to and picks up document files from the MT vendor’s platform resulting in the elimination of your dependence on any particular MT vendor.
  • Option for the full package of Medikin Online’s file routing platform along with quality transcription services by our excellent transcription partners.
  • Transcribed files can be delivered through a secure web interface or emailed/faxed automatically or on demand. They can also be sent to a hospital’s / clinic’s in house document management system via HL7 or XML coding.
  • Audio and document file archival as per the contractual terms.
  • Advanced file (EPR-Electronic Patient Record) retrieval module allowing you to search for audio and document files according to various criteria.
  • Customized and advanced billing module.
  • E-Signature allowing document files to be approved and securely locked by the doctor.
  • Template upload functionality helps to send a standard format template to the MT for easy transcription.
  • Extensive help documentation along with frequently asked questions is available online.

With Medikin Online as your transcription application service provider, you will have access to various advanced features. Your dictations’ status are tracked online while various reports such as billing report, Turnaround Time (TAT) report, and the Account Activity Report can be generated according to a specific account and date range. As per your requirements, you can get the customized billing option for yourself and utilize the e-Signature function to approve your files.. The entire process utilizes 256 bit SSL encryption for secure data transfer and security.

For Hospital or Clinic clients, Medikin Online also offers to install the entire software with secured dedicated servers at the host site if required.

To find out more about how your needs can benefit from one of the most trusted names in the industry, and to receive a no-obligation price quote, contact us today at 866–MEDIKIN.

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