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ASP Access from 0.5 CPL

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Get Started with Medikin's ASP Now! (ASP Platform + Toll-free number from 1.1 to 1.7 cents per line)

You'll get all of the following:

  • Complete Web-based Transcription ASP platform accessible from any Internet-connected PC. No software installation required.
  • Pay for actual dictation time only.
  • Online billing and management reports (Recent activity report, Turn-Around-Time report, MT and QA Feedback report).
  • Automatic email notifications for any dictation upload and for file-due notice.
  • Online document archive and delivery via Internet, email, fax or directly into the hospital's/clinic's network.
  • Fault tolerance, redundancy and 128-bit secure interface with Medikin's HIPAA compliance policy.
  • Same-day-setup time with enough ports for no engage tones or busy signal.
  • There is a one-time set up fee per doctor.
  • There is no contractual term commitment.
  • Want some more information? View our interactive Flash demos!

    SMALL MTSO: To view a Flash Demo click HERE
    MEDIUM MTSO: To view a Flash Demo click HERE
    LARGE MTSO: To view a Flash Demo click HERE

You can save enormous costs by using Medikin's toll-free dictation and ASP platform starting today!

Our MT clients who have been using our ASP platform say they save up to:
50% in Dictation Costs 80% in Document Delivery Costs
40% in File Routing Costs 80% in Maintenance Costs
30% in Labor Costs 90% in Equipment Costs

"I would recommend Medikin's ASP to any sized transcription service, whether small or large, as an excellent choice to help you grow your business or simply make the one you already have more efficient."

Pam Flutie, President
Central Valley Transcription Service

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