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Toll-free Number Dictation

Service Features:

No Contractual or Minimum billing - Apart from our competitive pricing, there is no contractual term commitment and no minimum billing obligation. This is a purely pay-as-you-go service based entirely on your usage.

Customization – We offer individual toll free numbers per MTSO, a fully customized dial pad as per individual dictator settings with options available for direct file data capture including: SSN/MRN number (alpha numeric), Location (office, clinic, hospital, home, etc.), and Work Type/Template. 

Advanced technology features -You will not encounter busy signals. The toll free numbers are fully redundant and fail-safe. PCM 16 bit 8KHz wav files are easy to download on the transcription end. 

For the Doctors - Every doctor has his own individual ID and password for dictation and has the capability to rewind, forward and pause while dictating. Any file can be marked urgent at any point of time during or after the dictation. Doctors can dictate from any phone, be it landline, cordless or cellular phone. Dialing stickers are also available to doctors for easy reference to dialing instructions. 

Medikin Standard Customizable keypad for easy remembrance as per phone number system:

1 - Stop - Pauses any function including record.
2 - Record - Starts the recording process.
3 - Rewind and Play - Rewinds to beginning of the file and play.
4 - FF - Moves forward through file until another key is pressed.
5 - Save and Continue - Saves current job and begins the next job. Recommended between patient files for full HIPAA compliance.
6 - Priority - Toggles priority or standard file urgency.
7 - FF to end - Moves to the end of the file.
8 - Rewind to Beginning - Goes to the beginning of the file.
9 - Rewind - Rewind until another key is selected.
0 - Play - Allows user to hear the file.
* - Cancel - Cancels and erases the current job.
# - Save and Hang Up - Saves current job and ends your Dial-In Session.

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